Free Bespaarbox

There are no more Bespaarboxen for electricity available. You can’t make an appointment for this bespaarbox.

Did you receive a letter with a code in it for a free Bespaarbox? A Bespaarbox contains useful items that you can use to make your home more sustainable. This page explains how you can apply for a Bespaarbox and what it contains.

How does it work?

You can opt for a Bespaarbox for gas (to save on gas) or a Bespaarbox for electricity (to conserve electricity). Click on the ‘Aanvragen’ button. Make an appointment to collect your Bespaarbox from the town hall. Enter the code from your letter in the comments field.

What is in the Bespaarbox for gas?

Cutting down your gas consumption is a clever thing to do! You can use the items in the free Bespaarbox for gas to make your home more sustainable. The Bespaarbox for gas contains radiator foil, a door closer, shower timer, insulation strips for doors and draught strips. We explain below how you can use these items.

Radiator foil

Possible energy saving: 30m3 gas per year

Placing radiator foil reduces the amount of heat lost through walls and even reflects warmth back into your house. This will allow you to heat less and therefore use less gas.

Tip: Google ‘placing radiator foil’ to see useful videos on how to use radiator foil most effectively. Or check

Door closer

Possible energy saving: 15m3 gas per year

Door closers close doors automatically, reducing draughts and heat loss. Your central heating system works less hard, and you consume less gas.

Shower timer

Possible energy saving: this depends on how much you shower. An average family can save 60 m3 per year by showering 4 minutes less.

You need gas to heat water for showers. The average shower time in the Netherlands is 9 minutes. If you reduce your shower time you need less gas to heat the water. This timer has 3 settings (4, 6 and 8 minutes) so that you can see how long you shower and reduce the time.

Draught excluder for doors

Possible energy saving: 36 m3 per year

Gaps around your door can cause draughts, bringing in cold air that your central heating has to warm up. Sealing gaps around your door reduces draughts and therefore gas consumption.

Draught excluder E profile and draught excluder P profile

Possible energy saving per draught excluder: 24 m3 per year

Gaps allow draughts to enter your home, bringing in cold air that is warmed by your central heating. Sealing the gaps reduces draughts, lowering your gas consumption. There are draught excluders in different shapes for different gaps.

What is in the Bespaarbox for electricity?

Cutting down your electricity consumption is the smart thing to do! You can use the items in the free Bespaarbox for electricity to make your home more sustainable. The Bespaarbox for electricity contains LED light bulbs, a plug adaptor, a time switch, a fridge thermometer and an energy meter. We explain below how you can use these items.

5 LED lights (E27-fitting, 9W)

LED bulbs use less electricity than halogen lights (85%) and as much as 90% less power than traditional light bulbs. This is why replacing your halogen lights and light bulbs with LED bulbs is always a good move for your energy bill.
Tip: Start with the lights that are used most often. This is where you can save most energy.

Plug box

The plug box with a switch switches the electricity on or off. When the button is lit you push it once to switch off all connected devices, ensuring that they no longer consume power. Plug boxes prevent unnecessary electricity consumption, e.g., while in standby mode, and save money.

Time switch

The time switch switches the power to the connected electrical device on and off automatically. So you have less hassle while preventing unnecessary electricity consumption and saving money.

Fridge thermometer

The thermometer displays the temperature in your fridge. Many fridges are too cold and therefore use far more power than necessary. If the temperature reading is in the green section on the smiley, the temperature is correct. A QR code is printed on the thermometer that sends you to more saving tips for the refrigerator.

Electricity meter

This meter shows how much electricity a device uses. The power consumption is displayed on the screen, so you can calculate the costs of, for example, using the tumble dryer once.

This is how you use the electricity meter:

  1. Push the electricity meter into the socket
  2. Push the plug of the device or plug box into the electricity meter
  3. Switch the device on. For example, a washing machine or TV
  4. Programme the electricity meter to measure consumption
  5. Using the MODE button, you see the following:
  • W Electricity consumption displayed in Watts
  • V Voltage
  • Total kWh Total electricity consumption in kWh. The electricity meter must be connected for 24 hours for this
  • Total € Total electricity consumption in €
  • € kWh price displayed as € per kWh

Need more help?

If you need help with interpreting your energy bill, then come to one of the evening information sessions near you. Visit

If you don’t manage to use the items in the Bespaarbox, then call +31 (0)14 0412 or send an email to We’re happy to help!

Good luck with your free Bespaarbox. We hope that it’s very useful for you!