Energy assistance

Has your energy bill gone up? You’re not the only one. The Municipality of Oss’ energy assistance scheme is there to help you to get your energy consumption down and save money. Maybe you’re struggling to pay your high energy bills. The Municipality of Oss will help you with this too. This page describes what we can do for you.

Free Klusbus

The Klusbus comes by to make your house more sustainable free of charge. If you are eligible for the Klusbus, you will be sent a letter with a code. You can use the code to make an appointment. People from Klimaatroute (an organisation that advises people on how to save energy) will come by to make your house more sustainable.
Read more about the Klusbus on the Klimaatroute website

Free Bespaarbox

You can use the free Bespaarbox to make your home more sustainable. There are two Bespaarboxes: one for gas and one for electricity. If you are eligible for the Bespaarbox, you will be sent a letter with a code. You can use the code to order a box.
Read more about the Bespaarbox

Free kitchen table conversation

Keen to find out about the best way to conserve energy? Then make an appointment free of charge. An energy coach will explain what you can do to make your house sustainable.
Read more about the kitchen table conversation on the Oss Schakelt Door website

Information sessions

A lot of people are keen to bring their energy bills down. But what is your energy bill actually telling you? And how can you conserve energy once you know how to interpret your bill? This is what we discuss during our evening information sessions in the various neighbourhoods.
Check out when we will be in your neighbourhood on the Oss Schakelt Door website

Energy allowance

Energy prices have risen sharply. Low-income households and students living away from home are eligible for applying for an energy allowance from the municipality.
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Do you have any questions regarding Energiehulp? Check out the frequently asked questions here. Is your question not listed? Then call +31 (0)14 0412 or send an email to We’re happy to help!

Save energy with Oss Schakelt Door

Sustainable living consultations

Discuss how you can conserve energy in your house with an adviser from ‘Brabant Woont Slim’. This consultation is free of charge and is available online or at the town hall.
Read more about the sustainable living consultations

Sustainable living advice

Sustainable living advice gives you a free step-by-step plan to make your home more sustainable. It tells you which measures you can take straight away and which you would be better off postponing.
Read more about sustainable living advice

Loans to make your home more sustainable

Sustainability loan

Under the sustainability loan scheme, can borrow a minimum of €2,500 and a maximum of €15,000 to make your home energy efficient.
Read more about the sustainability loan

Silver-Plated loan

Elderly homeowners who are on a low income can use this loan to improve their homes, to adapt their homes to suit the elderly or make them sustainable at low costs.
Read more about the Silver-plated Loan

Help with financial matters

The ‘help with financial matters’ page explains how we can help you with financial issues. Below, we highlight a few pages.

Help with financial worries

Are your expenses often higher than your income? And does that make it difficult for you to pay the bills each month? Or are you now in debt because of this? Don’t wait a minute longer! Do something about it!
Find out what you can do and who can help you.

Schemes for those on minimum incomes

We believe it is important that you and your family can participate in society. That’s not always easy if you are on a low income. We have schemes for this, including financial arrangements. They make it possible for you to join a sports club, for instance, and/or the municipality can help pay for health insurance.
Check out the schemes

Social welfare support

Social welfare support is for people who don’t have enough money to live on, and are not eligible for any other kind of benefit. Welfare support helps you to bridge the period until you find paid work again or no longer need benefits.
Read more about social welfare support