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Life Sciences, agrifood and logistics are Oss’ healthy economic building blocks for the future.

We believe there is an ideal mix of location factors for foreign companies to choose to locate in the municipality of Oss in the Netherlands. As a city, Oss has a strong track record in manufacturing in Agrifood and Life Sciences combined with Logistics. The entire agrifood chain from producer to consumer and also the entire pharmaceutical chain, from targeting and research, to production and distribution, has been present here for many years. The experience gained from this focused effort has made Oss a solid candidate when it comes to further developing, up scaling, and commercializing processes.

Life Science, Agrifood and Logistics fit perfectly with our future, which is why the municipality will be happy to support any company who wants to start a business. We will do that with our greatest asset: our people. The people of Oss are known for their no-nonsense attitude, their mantra of work hard and work smart. In Oss, business people create partnerships in business, but do so with education, research, and government parties as well. As a result, an exceptional network of industry, research, academic and professional training has been created in the region, ready to support your business.

Geographically, Oss itself is perfectly situated as a logistics gateway to Europe, with great rail, road, air and waterway connections. Adding in Brabant’s last treasure – its natural beauty – we can offer your company our unique combination of tradition, innovation, entrepreneurship and advanced high tech facilities, with a strong agriculture heritage.

The Netherlands has a number of key location factors that have made it a preferred choice for global players. Its strategic location as a gateway to Europe, its proven reputation as a supportive environment for international business, its superb logistics and technical infrastructure, and its connections to global markets are all reasons to choose the Netherlands. Oss is strong in manufacturing, and possesses the logistics infrastructure and connections you need to deliver your product to the European market.

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